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Ideas for a rainy day at the beach

Ok. Sometimes the weather is going to be not so great on Delmarva. Being near the water, storms can roll in and out quickly. Rainy spells can sit and hover for a while.

The week before Memorial Day was a perfect example. It was cold, rainy and gray. Don’t let the weather get you down, though. There is still plenty to do on Delmarva. Here are just a few ideas.


  • Bowling: I am not sure about your family, but my family loves to go bowling. If you are visiting the Lewes/Rehoboth Beach area drive up the road to Milford. It is about 30 minutes away from Lewes/Rehoboth. Check out Milford Bowling Lanes. They are reasonably priced and a local’s favorite. Need directions or some more info? Click here.


  • Air Mobility Command Museum: Do your kids love airplanes? Do they think the U.S Airforce is cool? Well, mine do. If it is raining at the beach, head to Dover. It is about 45 minutes north of the beach. The Air Mobility Command Museum offers kids a chance to climb on airplanes and practice flying during a simulation. Here is a side note, husbands tend to enjoy the museum, too. Click here to learn more.


  • Lewes Library Lewes Delaware

    Library: Delaware takes its libraries very seriously, and the libraries here are magnificent. If it is raining, you can not go wrong with a trip to the Rehoboth Beach Library. The children’s section is cozy and the librarian, Sara, usually leaves a caddy for crafting on a table. If you are in Lewes, stop by the Lewes Library. It is brand new and it is FANTASTIC. There is a fireplace in the library and it is perfect for rainy days. The Lewes library has a lot to offer restless kids. There are computers, building blocks, a kitchen and board games. We highly recommend Lewes library.


  • Movies: If all else fails, head to Movies at The Midway. It is the only movie theater in the immediate area. Make sure that you bring cash. The movie theater will allow you to use a credit card or debit card to buy movie tickets, but the concessions are cash only. I learned this the hard way at Star Wars with three kids in tow. Fortunately, our bank was next door. If you like to snack hit the bank first. Go for the large buttered popcorn. It’s $8 and it’s refillable.


  •    Laser tag:  Lefty’s  Alley and Eats recently opened off Coastal Highway in the Lewes area. At Lefty’s you will find just about everything you need to entertain your family. Lefty’s offers bowling, laser tag, video games a restaurant and a bar. Know this, Lefty’s is not cheap. They have a bowling alley, but we hear that it is expensive. We do not know. We have been to birthday parties there and dinner, but we have not tried bowling there. It is a lot like Las Vegas for kids, but with a bar for parents.


  • Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum: We have not visited yet, but it is on our to-do list. I cannot give you a whole lot of information beyond what is listed on the center’s website. But, it looks really neat. They have hands-on exhibits and it looks like they cover everything from wildlife to Delmarva’s colonial past. I hear they have a steamship, too. We will visit there soon. The center is in Pocomoke City. Find out more by clicking here.


  • The Art League of Ocean City: The Art League offers classes and exhibits. Full disclosure. We have not visited the Art League yet. But, it looks pretty cool and the fact that they offer kids classes is pretty intriguing.


  • The Ward Museum at Salisbury University: This is another stop on our bucket list. We have passed by signs many times on our way to the zoo. We are going to have to just stop. It is a museum dedicated to wildlife. We are not really sure but can give a better description once we go. We can tell you this, they have a ton of things to do for kids, and it sounds pretty cool. They have drop-in art classes, and although it is currently closed, they normally offer scavenger hunts. Who does not like a good scavenger hunt? This is on our to-do list.  Want to see for yourself if it is worth a trip? Click here.


NASA/Wallops Island Flight Facility: This is a must do. This place is cool. See rockets. Learn a little about physics. Learn about the launches on Wallops Island and the U.S. Space program. This trip is well worth it and a crowd pleaser. Want to learn more? Click here.


  • Roseland Theatre: Roseland Theatre is a throwback to a bygone era. Don’t expect all the huge blockbuster films. Sure, they are playing the latest in the Pirates of The Caribbean series, but this is an independent family theatre. They only recently converted to digital. They play foreign films such as A Man Called Ove from Sweden. Tickets are $9 for adults. $7:5o for kids under 12. Hey, they will be showing the third Cars movie, too.


  • Historical Society of the Eastern Shore: The Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society is in Onancock, Va. It is located in the Ker Place. It looks like a southern red brick mansion from the 1800s. Ker Place houses a museum, a library and collection spaces. There is also a museum shop. This could be neat, considering Virginia’s Eastern Shore is a history lover’s paradise. Keep in mind Delmarva was Captain John Smith’s stomping ground. This is also on our bucket list.


Corn Hole at Dogfish Head

Last year, when my son had not yet started school we used to wander around looking for “adventures, or at least new things to see and do.”

I am almost ashamed to admit this, but I took him to Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton. Yup, I am a bad mommy. I took my son to a brewery. Ah, but wait. This is not just any brewery. This is Dogfish Head, and this place is cool. Believe it or not, it is even kid friendly, just don’t take them inside.

We did not go on the tour of the brewery for obvious reasons, but we did not need to. There was plenty to do outside. Dogfish is tucked away off Chestnut Street in Milton in Cannery Village Center. It is hidden off the main street that runs through Milton and it is tucked back near trees.

When you pull up, don’t expect some big old ugly factory. This is Dogfish. They do things a bit differently. You first notice the Dogfish shark made out of rusted metal. It looks like a cutout. Then you see the big huge green silos, and this treehouse made of twisted metal. My son really, really wanted to go up there. Sorry, that is not allowed. It is still pretty neat to look at.

A  food truck called Bunyan’s Lunchbox is parked on the side of the building.  It serves up food that pairs well with beer. Go figure. You get can a bag of peanuts for $1, Joe’s chips for $2, Vegetarian Chili for $4. They offer pulled pork sandwiches, a Ruben and grilled cheese. All of the sandwiches are less than $10. It is actually a pretty good deal. The lunch truck is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In the courtyard, next to the food truck, are picnic tables, corn hole, and a bocce ball court. My son and I played some rounds of corn hole. It actually was our first introduction to this very fun game. (We are now the owners of a corn hole set.)

We also played some bocce ball, too. We didn’t really follow the rules, but it was a lot of fun.

If you have kids, sitting outside playing a round of corn hole and eating grilled cheese sandwiches is actually quite pleasant and not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

If you go Dogfish Head after 3 p.m., but before 6 p.m. on a Friday during the summer season, you can also hit the Milton Farmers’ Market. The Farmers’ Market is held at Dogfish’s parking lot. The market features live music. Live music is pretty big on Delmarva. Want to know who is playing? Click here. The farmers market also has a lot of good food, and of course, fresh fruits and vegetables. Want to see who has a stand? Click here



What’s on tap?

Memorial Day Weekend on Delmarva. #EASTERNSHORE #LOWERSLOWER #OC

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Ok, it is Memorial Day weekend! The official start of summer and the “season.” It looks like the weather might not be the best this weekend. That is kind of a bummer. But, there is still plenty to do on Delmarva. Oh, if you are planning to hit Rehoboth Beach bring your quarters. Friday the season starts back up and so do the parking meters.



Saturday, May 27th, The Delaware Amish Community Spring Auction. Yes, the Amish live in Delaware, too. If you are from Lancaster, Pa. you will feel right at home. The event is from 8:30 am.until 3:30 pm Spend the day on an authentic Amish farm in rural Delaware!The event is being held on the Dan Miller farm at 5790 Halltown Road – DE Rt 8 – near Hartly, Delaware.

Saturday, May 27th, Bowers Beach Buccaneer Bash. Argh, Matey. Who doesn’t want to be a pirate? Get the chance to check out how the pirates once lived at 3308 Main St. in Bowers Beach from 10 am to May 28 at 5 pm. Honestly, cannot tell you much about the Buccaneer Bash, except that there is apparently a cannon demonstration. There also might be live music. Bowers Beach is a bay side beach town in between Dover and Lewes. Sounds pretty neat if you have kids and don’t want to fight the beach crowds.


Sunday, May 28th, Sunday Brunch with Christine Havrilla at JAVA JUKEBOX. The brunch with live music at the Java Jukebox is from 10 AM – 1 PM at 37169 Rehoboth Avenue Ext (Henlopen Square), Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971. The good times include continental breakfast, entertainment, coffee and tea, and plenty of space for fun and dancing for just $10. Specialty drinks and the full menu will also be available.


Friday, May 26th, OC Screams Opening Memorial Day Weekend. Ocean City Screams Haunted House 14 Worcester Street, Ocean City, Maryland 21842 This is not for young kids. This is for adults or teens. It also costs money, so you will need to buy some tickets.

Sunday, May 28th, the 5th Annual Mid-Atlantic Wild West Fest. Frontier Town OC 8428 Stephen Decatur Hwy, Berlin, Maryland 21811. Cowboy Re-enactors, Authentic Chuck Wagon Cooking, Quick Draw Contest, Main Street Shows, CMSA Cowboy Mounted Shooting and Cowboys Team Roping. This event is not free. You have to buy tickets.

Monday, May 29th, Berlin Memorial Day Parade. This is an old-fashioned Memorial Day celebration and parade. Vendor booths, kids activities, yard sale tables, food, entertainment, and fun!


Friday, May 26th, Cheriton Market brings together local artisans to showcase their talents. You will find jewelry, crafts and handmade clothing in downtown Cheriton. Many gift ideas await you here from local artisans as well as Chef Jason Van Marter’s delectable creations.Try a fresh local oyster dish each Friday night!  21229 South Bayside Rd 23316. The event is between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Friday, May 26th, May Story Swap, Chincoteague Storytelling Guild and Chincoteague Cultural Alliance from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.Got any cool stories? Come and share them! Refreshments served at 6:30, Stories start at 7. Story Swap is free and open to the public. Donations are always welcome.

Saturday, May 27th, build a bat or bird box at the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The event starts at noon. The refuge has enough supplies and people can take their bird boxes home with them. The visitor center is located at 4005 Sandpiper Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. We hope to see you at Back Bay NWR this Saturday!

Do you have an event that you would like us to add? Please email us at, or go to our work with us page and fill out the contact form.

Firefly Festival: Music and Camping in Dover

One of the many things to love about Delmarva is that for a rural area, it sure does have a lot of music.

One of the biggest and most anticipated concerts is the Firefly Festival, which is in Dover at The Woodlands. For those of you out there who are unfamiliar with Delaware, and let’s face it, that is a lot of you. Dover is in the middle of the state. Delaware only has three counties.

The music/camping festival begins June 15th and runs until June 18th.  I have to admit, I had not really heard about it until we moved to Delmarva. But, Firefly is a pretty big deal.

It sounds kind of neat, too. The festival lasts four days and features more than more than 140 bands. Regional and up and coming acts are a part of the lineup, and fans get to help pick the bands.

Although I am intrigued by camping, if we go, kiddos and all, it would likely be for a day pass. I can’t decide whether to go Friday or Saturday. Friday, Twenty One Pilots are playing. But, Saturday Bob Dylan takes the stage. Day passes are $119. It is a tough call. It may be one or the other, but it is not going to be both. If you are going to see Bob Dylan, this would certainly be the year to do it.  The Firefly Festival is probably the perfect place for that. It is out in the woods at Dover International Speedway. You are in the woods in the middle of the Delaware’s state capital. That is pretty neat in and of itself.

If we did go, it will be the first concert the kiddos have been to. How cool would it be to say that the first show that they saw included Bob Dylan?  We are big music fans in our house. Some of the best memories I have growing up are of the concerts I attended as a kid. So, I am thinking Firefly just might be on our bucket list this summer.

Do you want to see who else is playing? Click here. If Bob Dylan is your thing, but camping isn’t you can always find a place at the beach. Dover is only about 45 miles from Rehoboth Beach and Lewes. You could also stay in Dover. Check out Dover’s tourism office’s website for ideas on hotels.

But if you love to camp and you love music, this is an event tailor-made for you. Need more information on the festival? Click here.




Discovering shipwrecks on Fenwick Island


Pirates of the Caribbean, The Goonies, The Titanic. Who isn’t intrigued, just a little, by a story of a ship that has been lost at sea?

The kiddos were not nearly as excited as I was to learn that there is a museum devoted to shipwrecks on Fenwick Island. When I learned that DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum was down the road in Fenwick Island. We had to go.


Seas Shells Fenwick Island

I was expecting a standalone museum. I drove past the museum a few times before I realized that it was actually on the second floor of a Sea Shell City. I am glad that we found the museum. That is the thing about Delmarva, you could pass by something really awesome and never know that it is there.


We did not learn about Blackbeard or One-eyed Willie, but we did get to see a map that lights up showing the ships that have wrecked off the coast of Delmarva. Apparently, quite a few landed on the bottom of the seas off Delmarva. By some accounts more than 1,000. Others reference materials say the Delaware Bay is littered with about 2,000 shipwrecks. That’s a lot of ships.


The museum houses all sorts of artifacts. The artifacts come from around the world. There are shells, a skull, and jewelry. There is even a pirate downstairs in the store for the kids to pose for a picture. The kiddos loved it. It was also free. But, be forewarned there is a huge store downstairs and if you have kids you will be spending money. We almost ended up the proud owners of a hermit crab. I am not sure how we dodged that one, but we did.


The museum is a great way to spend a rainy day or get a break from the sun. For us, it was a nice little road trip with some great scenery along the way. Fenwick Island is in the southern most part of Delaware, just over the line from Ocean City, Md. If you go, be prepared to buy some souvenirs or provide a nice home for a hermit crab.



What’s on Tap?


What is on Tap on #TheEASTERNSHORE, #CapeCharles, #Lewes, #Delaware, #ChesapeakeBay


On Delmarva, there is always so much to do that it is hard to keep track sometimes. Nice problem to have, huh? Anyway, we thought we would try and make things easy for some people wondering whether they want to drive over the bridge. Here’s what is on tap for the weekend of May 20th.



  • Saturday, May 20th, Movie on The Farm: Charlotte’s Web. Really? Does it get any cuter than that? Parsons Farms Produce in Dagsboro, DE will show the children’s classic at their market. The movie will begin at 8:15 p.m. Admission and parking are free. Bring a flashlight and your own seating. Concessions are for sale. Want more details? Click here.
  • Sunday, May 21st, Berry-Dairy Festival: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event is hosted by The Frozen Farmer and Evans Farm. Admission is free. They have a strawberry ice cream eating contest, games, glitter tattoos, barnyard animal train rides and other goodies.  Bridgeville, Delaware. Want more details? Click here.
  • Saturday, May 20th, Magee Farms Annual Family Strawberry Festival: The event is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lewes, DE. The event features a strawberry picking contest, best-dressed baby contest, a moon bounce, a.k.a., a bouncy house and a dunking booth. Need more information? Click here


  • Friday, May 19th, Ocean 98’s 7th Annual MayDay Playday: The event is from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The radio station will close off Main Street in downtown Berlin and host a party in what has been dubbed the Coolest Small Town in America. The event is free and features  Jocelyn & Chris Arndt and The Rogue Citizens. The event also will have corn hole and a beer garden.
  • Saturday, May 20thDelmarvalous Festival: The event is from 10 AM – 7 PM at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art at Salisbury University. A celebration of local traditions. Admission is free. Learn how to make Smith Island Cake, carve a decoy and build a bird house, learn about Native American traditions. for more details click here
  • Thursday, May 18 through Sunday, May 21st, The National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Conference. The event is being presented by the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park. The event starts at 8 a.m. and runs until 5 p.m. The event is being held in Cambridge, Md. The conference offers speakers, discussions, and tours.


  • Saturday, May 20th, Sunrise Yoga on the beach, at 9:30 a.m. Kiptopeke State Park, Drop-ins: $8. The event is being hosted by Breathe Easy and Smile Yoga.
  • Saturday, May 20th, Paws for Reading: 10:45 a.m. to noon at the Cape Charles Memorial Library. Children will read to dogs to gain confidence in their reading skills. The library is located at 201-Mason Ave. in Cape Charles.
  • Sunday, May 21st, Sundae in the Park,  from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.Cape Charles Citizens for Central Park will host a sundae social at Cape Charles Central Park. Click here for more details. 

Horseshoe Crabs and Shorebirds in Milton

My family and I have been to plenty of beaches over the years.

We have visited beaches up and down the East Coast.  We have even visited some beaches in the Pacific.

None of us had ever seen a horseshoe crab up close and personal before until we moved to Delmarva. They are everywhere. When you stop at any of the beaches that line Delaware Bay, you are bound to see their shells lining the shoreline.

One of the first beaches we visited after we moved to Delmarva was Broadkill Beach. It is a horseshoe crab sanctuary, and it is on the other side of Coastal Highway from downtown Milton.

During our visit to Broadkill Beach, we found a horseshoe crab turned over on its shell. It was struggling. My husband turned the crab over as the kiddos cheered him on. My husband had been elevated to rock star status that day for saving the “Sam” the horseshoe crab.

The kiddos love horseshoe crabs, and clearly so does the town of Milton. Milton is holding its 14th annual Horseshoe Crab and Shorebird festival on May 27th at Milton Memorial Park in downtown Milton. It starts about 10 a.m. and runs until about 4 p.m.

The kiddos and I went last year. It was fun. The kids road the blue train in the park. The Milton Lions operate it. I believe it cost 50 cents to ride the train, maybe a dollar. The kids were thrilled.

If you have never been to downtown Milton or Memorial Park, you are in for a treat. Both are worth a visit with or without the festival. The park offers the train for the little ones, a playground, plenty of seating, a gazebo and beautiful views of the Broadkill River. Plenty of craft and food vendors are on hand as well.

Last year, kayaks were also available for rent if you were so inclined. Unfortunately, I do not have the pricing. I will find out this year, though. We have yet to try kayaking, but it looks like a lot of fun.

If you get tired of the festival, you can always walk up the street to grab an ice cream at Kings Homemade Ice Cream, which is delicious. But, bring cash, Kings does not take credit cards.

The Milton Historical Society is also bound to be open. They ladies that run the museum are sweet and the exhibits are pretty neat, too.

You could also walk deeper into town and head on over to Dogfish Head. There, you will find great beer, a food truck, tours of the brewery, corn hole and bocce ball. The town of Milton is adorable. The victorian houses and the people make you feel like you have gone back in time. It is well worth the trip.

During your trip, you are bound to see some osprey and other shorebirds in Milton. You won’t get to see an actual horseshoe crab in downtown Milton, but you are sure to get the back story on the crabs. Spoiler: they have blue blood. Really, they do. They also are one of the oldest creatures on earth and they are related to spiders. Yup, horseshoe crabs are kind of neat. I guess that is why Miltonians love them.

For more details on the event click here. Want to learn more about Horseshoe Crabs? Click here. They really are fascinating.


What’s on tap?

On Delmarva, if you are bored, it really is your own fault. There is always something to do. If there is nothing going on, then there is always nature. So here is a glimpse of just some of the things going on this coming weekend on Delmarva. Know of something happening on Delmarva and you want us to add it to the list? Go ahead and email us at Have a great weekend! Hey, you are going to Delmarva. How could you not?



  • May 12 Mac N’ Brews: Rockabilly and Pinups! Hosted by Milton Theatre. It starts at 7:30 p.m and ends around 10 p.m.
  • May 13th Paint the Ferry on the Ferry, The Lewes-Cape May Ferry, that is. This event is on Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. For more details and for tickets visit Painting with a Twist. You could also call 800-643-3779. The cost is $50 and includes painting supplies, a round-trip ferry ride, cheese and crackers and a cash bar.
  • May 13 Funland 2017 Opening Day!
    Sat 1 PM · Funland Rehoboth Beach. The season has begun.




Surf’s Up

Last summer, the kiddos and I made it a point to hit as many of the beaches as we could on Delmarva.

There are many, and we haven’t hit them all, yet. We are lucky we live six miles away from the closest beach. When you live on a peninsula, you are never too far from water.

One of our favorite beaches is Herring Point in Cape Henlopen State Park. It is easy to fall in love with this beach. It is at the far end of the park, almost secluded. To get to the beach you have to walk down a path lined with trees and brush. Be forewarned there are horseflies on that path and they bite.

The horsefly bites are worth it once you see the beach. To the right are a set of rocks and a line of Jeeps and trucks. Some people are tailgating and fishing on that side of the beach. Yup, you can drive on the beach in certain areas. Kinda neat, no? You have to buy tags. The proper terminology for is surf fishing tag, so you know what you are talking about. Check with the state if you want one. Click here to learn more about the program, and where to find a tag.

In the middle of the beach, are hipster families with their dogs. To the left are another set of rocks and the surfers and skimmers with their boards. If you like to surf or skim, Herring Point is the place to go on Delmarva, well at last in Delaware. Every time we go, there always are a group taking on the waves.

Off beyond the rocks are more tailgaters and a cliff. It reminds me of California. It is beautiful. It is not crowded, and it is just a laid back beach. The waves can be a little rough, so it’s best to watch the kiddos closely. I also have not seen a lifeguard at Herring Point so if you have really young ones keep that in mind.

We love it, though, because it feels like we have stumbled upon a well-guarded secret. We could sit for hours and watch the surfers waiting to ride in the next wave or the skim boarders meeting the waves head on. The kiddos are fascinated with both. I have always wanted to learn to surf, but have always been too afraid to try. I may give it a try yet. If you are in the area, you can learn to surf at RB Surf School. Want to learn the trifecta of coolness? Alley-Oop Skim offers lessons in surfing, skimming and skateboarding. It is probably harder, but I think I could skim. I know the kiddos would love to learn.

Skim boarding is big here and it looks really cool. Skimboards are smaller than surfboards and skimboarders run into the water throw down their board and ride the waves back in.

How big is skimboarding on Delmarva? The East Coast Skimboarding championships are held here. Well, at Dewey Beach, to be exact. But, you get the idea.

But, back to Herring Point. It really is worth the trip. If you decide to come, you will need a pass to get into Cape Henlopen State Park. You can buy a pass to Delaware State Parks online. If you come to the beach a lot during the summer, it is a great value. It gets you into all of the state parks. There are a lot of parks in Delaware.

If you need a place to stay, look no further than the park. Cape Henlopen State Park offers camping sites and cottages. We may actually try camping there this summer.

If you are a day-tripper, remember to stop and pack drinks and snacks, because Herring Point is not close to the concessions at the park.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are dropin’ in on OC

I am debating whether to drop some serious money, at least for me, on some Joan Jett tickets.

You see my youngest seriously loves Joan Jett. I have to admit, I do, too. Hey, she made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and she owns her own record label.

I would absolutely love to take him. I have been checking the internets throughout the year to see if she is playing anywhere close to us. Much to my chagrin, she never was.

Then, bam. She is playing in Ocean City, MD, on May 6th. HOW DID I MISS THIS? I clicked on the Ticketmaster button to buy tickets and they were gone. Sigh.

Then, I checked StubHub. They have tickets, but they are going to cost you. $119 was the cheapest ticket. I have a family of five. That is quite a bit to shell out, even for Joan Jett.

Sorry, Joan, we will have to settle for dancing by the record machine. But, if you want to go, let us know all about the show. It is all a part of Springfest. I cannot give you the low down on Springfest because we have not been yet. But, if you would like to go click here.

Next year we will go. Who knows maybe Joan Jett will come back and play again.  If you want to get tickets for bigger-named acts, look for the lineup in the wintertime and buy tickets then. I wished I had. But, I have learned my lesson.

All may not be lost, though, Joan Jett is playing several other locations this summer. If you are a fan, click here to get her tour schedule.