Broadkill Beach: small, quiet and welcoming

Delaware Bay


When we decided we were moving to Slower Lower Delaware instead of “upstate” Delaware, the kids and I drove to Sussex County and met my husband and a realtor just outside of Milton.

We had been to Rehoboth Beach twice in the nearly two decades that we lived outside of Baltimore. Although we were on Coastal Highway, I had no idea where we were.

The kids and I had to drive back to Maryland that day. It was my job to sell them on moving to Delaware. The beach would make a great selling point. I did not realize how close we were to Rehoboth Beach or Lewes’ beach. I saw a sign for Broadkill Beach and drove in that direction. We passed over Route 1, a.k.a. Coastal Highway, and headed down a country road that led to Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge and then to Broadkill Beach, a sanctuary for the Horseshoe Crab.

It was fall, October actually, we parked the car and my kids ran up a mountain of sand and then down to the beach. They kicked off their shoes and ran into the water. It could literally be 20 degrees and these kids would go swimming in the ocean if you let them. Actually, at Broadkill Beach, you are swimming in the Delaware Bay.

We met a very nice lady and her young son. After talking to her for a while, I was convinced that moving to Delaware and living near the beach would not be so bad after all.

Since moving to Delaware, we have been to Broadkill Beach many times. It is laid back, low-key and virtually stress-free.

Want to have a bonfire on the beach? Broadkill Beach is unincorporated. Want to bring your dog? As far as we could tell, that seems to be Ok.

We have sometimes been in downtown Milton and have decided to pop over to Broadkill Beach. We don’t have to fight beach traffic. The beach isn’t crowded like some of the other beaches in the area. There is a tiny sandy lot to park across the street from the Broadkill store. We have never had trouble finding a spot. There are beach houses that line the shore. Those lucky people have peace and quiet and the bay to look out at.

If I ever had a family get together or reunion I would love to rent one of those houses. I would have a bonfire and New England-style clam bake on the beach. It really is like having a private beach. One day, I may do it just to do it.

A flag waves over Broadkill Beach, Delaware on the Delaware Bay.

Everyone at this beach is super nice. I met a lady from the Philadelphia suburbs. I believe I know her entire life’s story. She told me that the bay is not deep at all. She said that her kids walked way out and could still touch the bottom.

I will take her word for it. I am more of a float kind of gal and I will stick close to shore.

A few beach houses line the shores of Broadkill Beach, DE. The beach has a very private feel to it.

If you are looking for some laid back, seriously no hassle, kind of off the grid sort of beach fun, consider Broadkill Beach, it is as low-key as it gets.

Broadkill Beach is a horseshoe crab sanctuary. The crabs make their way onto the shore to mate.

If you, or your kids, are into science and biology. Who isn’t? Broadkill Beach is also a horseshoe crab sanctuary. Unfamiliar with the mighty horseshoe crab? No worries.

The horseshoe crab is one of the oldest animals on earth. Up close they look a little intimidating. Although they are “crabs,” they have more in common with the spider, biologically speaking, than other crabs. The horseshoe crabs also have blue blood. Weird, huh? The blood is considered valuable and used in the biomedical field.

The people who live in Milton. Love the horseshoe crab. They also like to help each other out. It comes as no surprise they would encourage beachgoers to help the crab if it gets turned over.

Horseshoe crabs tend to get tossed around by the waves and can easily get flipped over onto their backs. When they do they could die. So, be kind. If you see one struggling on its back. Flip it back over onto its belly. Just don’t touch its tale, because you will hurt it if you do.

Oh, and if you happen to flip one of the horseshoe crabs back over. You will be a hero to your kids because you saved the crab.

Want to learn more about the Horseshoe Crab?  Click here.

Want to learn more about Broadkill Beach, why not take a road trip? It is just off Route 1 South, or Coastal Highway in Milton, DE.  Enjoy!

Broadkill Beach is great. Just don’t forget to take your trash.


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