Plum Beach Island

Delmarva, particularly, the Delaware side has plenty of beautiful scenery. It is quiet. It is peaceful. The beaches are not like the ones I grew up with. I grew up going to beach towns with high rises, condos and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Myrtle Beach, S.C., this section of the East Coast of the United States, it is not. The beaches in Delaware, particularly on the Delaware Bay side, are unspoiled. Plants grow in their natural state, birds migrating up and down the East Coast stop here for a layover in the marshes. It is hard to decide which beach is better on Delmarva. They are all pretty beautiful, but I think I have found my new favorite: Plum Beach Island.

Plum Beach Island, Delaware is quiet, peaceful and secluded.

This secluded little beach is out of the way, sandwiched between Broadkill Beach and Lewes Beach. To get there, you have to head toward Broadkill Beach, turn right at the Broadkill Store and then continue to drive until you have reached the end of the road, and there it is: Plum Beach Island. It is beautiful, peaceful and we have yet to see a crowd of people.

Plum Beach has a little parking lot and a small path leading to the beach. If you love nature and quiet this is the place for you. The views are spectacular. The beach opens up into the Delaware Bay, where you can watch the ships heading for Wilmington or out to the Atlantic Ocean. From the beach, you can see a wind turbine off in a short distance in Lewes. It is pretty cool looking.

The waters off of Plum Beach are pretty calm because it is on the bay side. If you do not have strong swimmers in your family, the waters off Plum Beach are pretty tame. The scenery is what makes this place worth the visit. It is beautiful.

Wildflowers grow on a long winding path leading to the beach. On the right-hand side of the path is a marsh, where Herons and other birds migrating up and down the East Coast stop.

Plum Beach Island is surrounded by Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, which includes wetlands.

Delaware is a very ecologically-friendly state. If you visit any of the state parks, like Plum Beach Island, or Cape Henlopen State Park, you won’t find a lot of trash cans. They offer you bags and you are expected to take your trash with you. We live pretty close so we have never really brought much with us; just our dog, Bandit. He loves it there.

You are expected to pick up after your dog, too. The people who vacation or live near Plum Island and Broadkill Beach are a pretty tight-knit and they take preserving the pristine beaches near their homes seriously. They are also really nice, too. So as the sign says in nearby Broadkill Beach: “Leave only your footprints.”

If you go, here are some things you may want to consider bringing: a blanket, towels, sunscreen, binoculars, and a change of clothing. My one son says he does not “like” to go to the beach, but every time we go he always ends up jumping in the surf. The beach has portable bathrooms, so you could always change there if you aren’t staying in one of the nearby houses.


Secluded Plum Beach Island is often forgotten. It is off the beaten path before Lewes.

This is a day trip for us, but the houses along the bay our rented out. Even though we live nearby. My kids and I joke that we want to rent one of the houses. I am seriously thinking that I might one weekend just for the views.

You also want to bring a cooler with snacks if you plan on staying for a while. This beach is not near any boardwalk, so no Thrasher’s Fries here. The closest store is The Broadkill Store, which is about a mile away. The store is only open during the summer “Season.”

The sunsets are gorgeous in Delaware from almost any location, but they are particularly gorgeous at this secluded spot.

If you are a budding photographer, this is a must-see spot. My son had a lot of fun snapping pictures with my iPhone. Perhaps, I am biased, but I think he is a pretty good shooter. Delaware is home to a lot of very talented photographers. It is no wonder. The wildlife, the water, the beautiful sunrises, and sunsets were meant to be photographed. So, be sure to pack your iPhone, digital camera, drone or instant camera. This really is a photographers’ paradise.


If you decide to stay in one of the beach houses along Plum Island or Broadkill Beach know that you will be away from the crowds, but not too far from civilization. Lewes and its restaurants are about six miles down the road. So are other amenities such as the movie theater, a bounce house, and a bowling alley. Rehoboth Beach is also about 12 miles away.

If you are looking for quiet family time and to reconnect. This is indeed the place.  My kids were content jumping in the waves with our dog and writing silly messages in the sand.  I could imagine if we did rent a house for a weekend, we would roast marshmallows in the bonfire we built and play flashlight tag on the beach.

Scrolling messages in the sand on Plum Beach Island State Park, Delaware.

The kids also loved finding shells on the beach and horseshoe crabs, which are always kind of neat. Horseshoe crabs are abundant in the Delaware Bay. There is also plenty of other plants and wildlife to marvel over, too. I think I love this place. If you are a fan of peace and quiet you may love it, too.

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