Salisbury Zoo: The best small zoo on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

A few months after we moved to Delmarva the warmer weather rolled in and we got to meet our neighbors.

Salisbury Zoo, Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

The neighbor behind us brought her daughter by one day to play. As we were standing in the backyard, watching the kids play, she told me about the Salisbury Zoo. It is was just about an hour away from where we live, but well worth the drive. Best of all, she told us, it was free.

Sold. As a mother of three children, I can tell you that I welcome all things free. A trip to the movies to see the latest Disney flick can cost our family about $100 between the price of admission and buttered popcorn. When you have three kids costs add up quick.

I cannot speak enough praises about the zoo. It also has a great playground next door complete with a huge sandbox and castles.

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The kiddos had off from school one day so we decided to hop in the road-tested minivan and head out for the Salisbury Zoo. Armed with the GPS on my phone, we had no trouble finding our way. For those of you who would like to do the same here is the address: 755 South Park Drive, Salisbury, MD.

Animals Seen

We passed an Alpaca farm on the way from our house in Delaware. The farm will likely be a future road trip. We made it to the zoo in no time. It was well worth the trip. We paid no admission and we had the park nearly all to ourselves. The fall or spring is a great time to visit the zoo.  We got to see some cool animals, too. The kids got to hang upside down like a loveable slough. We wondered who among the adorable spider monkeys got along. We shouted argh matey to the parrot who lives next to the flamingos. We saw bears and we watched an alpaca eat a pine cone. The zoo is actually getting a new bear from Ecuador. We need to go after he arrives.

Alpacas, Bear and Jaguars also call the zoo home.

We also got to stop by the gift shop and buy a pair of binoculars.

The kids loved the zoo. They could act like explorers and they loved to ham it up taking pictures next to the statues placed throughout the zoo.

Great Day Trip

The Salisbury Zoo is a great day trip, particularly if your kids are sick of the beach and want a diversion. It is small. It is walkable. It is within an hour’s drive of the beaches. Did I mention again that it is free? So is the parking. The tour of the zoo takes about an hour. Next door to the zoo is an awesome playground. The first time we visited the zoo, we did not have time to stop by the playground. On our second visit, we made it a point to check it out. We spent about an hour there as my kids played in the castle and in the giant sandbox. The only thing that could have made it better is if someone had a cart selling pretzels, sodas, and coffee. Hum? Maybe, I should do that.

If You Go

If you plan on going, bring snacks, or better yet, pack a picnic. The concession area was closed both times we visited the zoo. Make sure you bring your camera or your phone. You are going to want to take lots and lots of pictures.

Great, free day trip for kids on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Want more details on the Salisbury Zoo? Click here.

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  • Collin Wheeler
    November 16, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    Sounds like a great time!
    We will definitely have to stop the next time we head up that way!