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Hopkins Creamery or Kings?

When you have three kids, you know where to get good ice cream. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for my family, we live in between two of the best ice cream places in Lower Slower Delaware that are not on a boardwalk.

If you are traveling to Lewes, DE, you will want to stop by Hopkins Creamery on Route 9. Hopkins is an institution in the area. The ice cream comes straight from the cows, which happen to be next to the ice cream shop. Your family can check out the cows while they wait for their ice cream. They can also work off some of the calories playing on the farm’s playground.

The ice cream at Hopkins is good. People will wait for the ice cream, and I do mean wait. At the height of the summer season, the wait can be up to 20 or 30 minutes. People literally line-up to eat this ice cream.

People swear by Hopkins. In fact, when we moved to Delmarva, we were told that living near Hopkins was a selling point. That depends if you like being asked by your children if we can stop there every time you drive past the place. (We pass by Hopkins every day.)

Personally, I like Kings Homemade Ice Cream. They have a shop in downtown Milton and another in downtown Lewes. Both shops are small and you can sit inside. They have a 50s vibe. The ice cream, to me, is some of the best I have had. As an added bonus, there is rarely a wait. Here is the deal, though, you have to bring cash. Kings Homemade Ice Cream does not take credit cards.

Sadly, I never carry cash. Actually, that is probably a good thing. Anyway, if you are in Milton or Lewes this summer remember to bring your cash if you plan on stopping by Kings. It is worth the trip to the bank.