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Discovering shipwrecks on Fenwick Island


Pirates of the Caribbean, The Goonies, The Titanic. Who isn’t intrigued, just a little, by a story of a ship that has been lost at sea?

The kiddos were not nearly as excited as I was to learn that there is a museum devoted to shipwrecks on Fenwick Island. When I learned that DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum was down the road in Fenwick Island. We had to go.


Seas Shells Fenwick Island

I was expecting a standalone museum. I drove past the museum a few times before I realized that it was actually on the second floor of a Sea Shell City. I am glad that we found the museum. That is the thing about Delmarva, you could pass by something really awesome and never know that it is there.


We did not learn about Blackbeard or One-eyed Willie, but we did get to see a map that lights up showing the ships that have wrecked off the coast of Delmarva. Apparently, quite a few landed on the bottom of the seas off Delmarva. By some accounts more than 1,000. Others reference materials say the Delaware Bay is littered with about 2,000 shipwrecks. That’s a lot of ships.


The museum houses all sorts of artifacts. The artifacts come from around the world. There are shells, a skull, and jewelry. There is even a pirate downstairs in the store for the kids to pose for a picture. The kiddos loved it. It was also free. But, be forewarned there is a huge store downstairs and if you have kids you will be spending money. We almost ended up the proud owners of a hermit crab. I am not sure how we dodged that one, but we did.


The museum is a great way to spend a rainy day or get a break from the sun. For us, it was a nice little road trip with some great scenery along the way. Fenwick Island is in the southern most part of Delaware, just over the line from Ocean City, Md. If you go, be prepared to buy some souvenirs or provide a nice home for a hermit crab.